User Guide

Registering an account

Here is a brief step by step guide on how to register an account. 

Click on the Account Registration on the top right corner of the website. Enter in your name, username, password, email, contact number, address and type of account you prefer. You will then be sent an email to the email address you put in earlier. Once you have verified your email account, you may now login to your Gransy account.

Login to your account

Once you have succefully registered you account, you may now login to your account by clicking on the LOGIN button on the top right of our website. Enter your login name and password and the control panel will be loaded.


On the top left of the control panel, you will see your Credit. This will show you your Total, Blocked, Emergency and Available credit. To top up your credit, kindly click on Billing from the Main Menu from the control panel.


Upon login in to your account, the first thing you will see is the dashboard. On the dashboard you will be presented with information, statistics and options regarding domains.

Main menu

When you log in, you will see the control panel. It is informative and serves to view domains under your administration.On the left is the main menu.


All operations on the domain are in the Domains menu. Click on the Domain and a list will drop down with many more options to choose from pertaining to managing your domains.


This is where you create contact that will be connected to you domains.


This is where you can upload your documents.


On this menu you will be able to manage your DNS.


For your billing information.


This is where you can find the Manual, WHMCS Module and EPP Server information.


This is the menu for Registration of object specific for a determined TLD, e.g. NSSET and KEYSET for .CZ domains A/V Object for .PRO domains, etc..